Thursday, September 24, 2009

The title must be confusing. We've been called Ozark Mountain Rod School, and Ozark Rodmaking School, and probably other things. But the Ozark Rod Makers School is the baby of Bob Nunley and me. Bob has been teaching individuals and small groups for years, as have I. Last Fall we decided to join our efforts and offer a full featured class which takes participants from a raw culm of bamboo to a completed bamboo rod in 5 1/2 days. We chose to make this as positive an experience for participants as possible. We host the class in a professional rod making shop, house the students at Fulton's Lodge on the White River, use high-end tools and equipment, and offer the experience of two full time rod makers.

Last week's session was one of our best. All four students listened eagerly, worked hard, and made nice rods. A huge bonus was that water levels on the White River cooperated and let us get in a few hours of fishing. Needless to say, the students can now brag on both their new rods and a new favorite fishing hole or two. Many thanks to Bob Gustafson, Ron Klatt, Dan Boeh, and Dave Bollinger for all their hard work.

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