Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Missive 2012

Writing the missive almost feels like a burden this year. I wonder if I have anything worth saying in light of all that's going on and my disgust at how some are reacting. I remember one of my seminary professors telling the story of a courageous preacher who stood in the pulpit one Sunday and announced "God has nothing to say to you today." But I'm not so courageous, nor so convinced I know what God is, or is not, saying. Sharing light-hearted Christmas cheer only a few days after the horrors at Newtown Connecticut would feel selfish, as though denying the horror of what happened and the many inane responses in light of such tragic evil. Our hearts ache with those parents and families who are suffering so deeply and so senselessly right now. In the story of Christmas, God invaded the world in the person of a little child. God has not left us to ourselves. That God seeks to influence humanity is the heart of the Christmas story. It is the story of light coming into darkness, God showing us the way, driving the darkness away. The Christmas story reminds us that evil will not prevail, but be overcome by the good. With the hymn writer, I want to cry out, "Come, Lord Jesus. Come." We have sought to prepare our hearts for your coming throughout this Advent season. We eagerly await your arrival in our hearts and in our world. Come.